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On a Tear

Pierced ears can go from a fashion plus to
an appearance drawback.

Women like their earrings.  And some men do, too.  But what happens when your pierced ears end up torn, making you look like you have been mugged?

Here is a photograph of a patient with a torn earlobe that has been pulled all the way through.  An otolaryngologist/facial plastic surgeon can easily repair it surgically.

Tips:  Don't ear heavy earrings that pull down on your earlobes excessively.  Don't wear earrings, including clip ons, for four to six weeks after surgery.

If you have an infant or small child, don't wear large loop earrings that will tempt him or her to grab hold and pull, thus tearing your earlobe.

The newest method for repairing a torn earlobe is called the flap technique.  When using this technique, your surgeon cuts a small triangular notch at the bottom of the lobe.  A matching flap is then created from tissue on the other side of the tear, and the two wedges are fitted together and stitched.  This method allows the earlobe to heal smoothly, without pulling or dimpling.  The procedure is relatively inexpensive and may be covered by insurance as reconstructive surgery. 

Depending on the nature of the injury, your surgeon may select another method for repairing earlobe tears.  The most common are the straight-line closure and the z-plasty procedure.

Earlobes typically heal quickly, with minimal scarring.  In most cases, the earlobe can be pierced again four to six weeks after surgical reconstruction.

Source: American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery




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