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by Hector N. Hernandez, M.D., F.A.C.S.

During the operation, a small cut was made in the eardrum. Any fluid that was present was drained from the middle ear. A very small hollow tube was placed in the slit. This tube prevents the build-up of fluid behind the eardrum. The tube cannot be seen or felt from the outside. The tubes usually remain in the ears for 6-12 months and usually come out by themselves.


1. Your child may complain of some ear pain on the day of the operation. Usually after resting and using Acetaminophen (i.e. Tylenol, Panadol, Tempra) the child will feel better.
2.  There may be some blood-tinged drainage from the ear(s) for a few days after the operation. If drainage persists, call your doctor.
3.  Your child may eat a normal diet.
4.  Your child may bathe, shower, and swim. It is better for your child if water can be kept out of the ear(s). In order to keep water out of the ear(s), use one of these methods:
a. A cotton ball covered with Vaseline.
  b.  Custom-made ear mold(s).
  c.  Ear plug(s).
  d.  Silicone ear putty: use one plug for each ear. Shape the putty like a bullet. Insert one slightly pointed end into the ear and then firmly flatten with your thumb. Do not force the putty deeply into the canal. To remove: gently pull ear outward and grasp edge with fingertip. NOTE: Silly putty can be used the same way as the silicone putty. However, it may melt in the summer heat and should NOT be used.
Your surgeon may prescribe drops to be used if water gets in the ear. Follow the orders given by the doctor. The drops may be eye drops, but are to be put in the ear(s).
6.  Your child may return to school and all types of play the day after the operation.
7.  ONLY use ear drops given by your surgeon. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER DROPS.

Call the doctor if:

  1. Your child has increased or constant drainage from the ear(s).
  2. Your child has a fever (38.5 degrees C or 102 degrees F orally).
  3. Your child complains of constant ear pain.

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